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4:44pm on Thursday, 20th October, 2016:



The first day of the conference has been pretty good, with several interesting and entertaining speakers. I've also bumped into a surprising number of people with whom I was already acquainted, so could catch up with their goings-on. Perhaps better still, I've chatted to a people whom I haven't met before, but will now look forward to chatting with again next time our paths cross. Observation: the younger you are the less likely you are to agree with the statement "VR is just a gimmick".

I was on a panel about diversity and inclusiveness (the theme of the conference). The problem with diversity is that to be diverse you need a lot of people, so there were six of us on the panel — probably two too many. Also, I was the only old, white, straight male on the panel, which could have been rather awkward but I was able to rant about the British class system and so count myself as oppressed rather than as the beneficee of a number of structural advantages built into society.

Meatballs for lunch: Sweden is famous for them, and justly so.

As for the coffee, well let's just say I switched to tea after the first one.

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