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6:33am on Wednesday, 19th October, 2016:

Early Start


I got up at 4am this morning to drive to Heathrow (which is where I am now). I have a 7:35am flight to Gothenburg in Sweden, from where I have a train journey to Skövde, the venue of the Sweden Game Conference at which I'm speaking on Friday. I don't like having to get up at 4am, but it does make for an easier drive. I might have considered staying in a hotel, but my return flight lands at 10:30pm so it might have been hard gettin a train home. Indeed, because I get back on Saturday, the train would have been a bus (again) anyway.

The theme of the Sweden Game Conference this year is Diversity. I prepared my talk well in advance, as usual, but am slightly worried because I was subsequently invited to sit on a panel and fear I may say all the stuff I have in my talk a day early. I could be writing another presentation on Thursday evening...

Skövde isn't pronounced as it looks as if it should be pronounced to English eyes: it's something like "ohov-de". Knowing that I can't pronounce it is a blessing, as it means I'm under no pressure to pronounce it properly — I stand no chance. So long as I can recognise it when someone else says it (for example, an announcer on a train), I should be OK.

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