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9:06pm on Tuesday, 15th March, 2016:



This year, the university reinstituted a policy of yore in which lecturers are required to attend one another's lectures to comment on and learn from their teaching methods. I seem to have escaped having to be critical of my peers, but still had to be critiques myself. This was all supposed to be organised this term, but only recently did it receive the administrative attention it needed; indeed, only very recently. In fact, so recently that I only had one lecture left to give this term, which was today from 4-6. One of my colleagues therefore had the dubious pleasure of sitting in for the final hour and hearing me discuss games as art.

"Discuss" probably isn't the right word. "Rant" is the right word. Therefore, as usual I find myself being judged on what I said in the tail end of a rant.

I'm beginning to suspect that this may be because most of what I say is a rant of some kind.

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