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6:10pm on Monday, 14th March, 2016:

Presentation Day


It was presentation day today for our final-year students. This is where they get their hair cut (yes, some did) and wear a suit and tie (yes, some did) so as to present their work to people from industry, lecturers, their fellow final-year students and the second-years who will be in the same position next year.

As usual, there were some amazing projects on show (along with a handful of absolute howlers). Also as usual, not all the amazing projects looked as amazing as some of the less amazing ones. Projects in Unity can look very sophisticated while being shallow; dismissing them for being in Unity is unfair, though, because some Unity projects are also sophisticated. Likewise, some of the ones with simple graphics can have a stunning among of code underneath while built from the ground up, whereas others can have simple graphics and pretty well nothing but the graphics routines there when you look. Some excellent programs don't even run, because they're fine on the student's home PC but there's a minor version difference in Java or something on the university machines and the game won't load.

Unfortunately, even though we had lots of industry experts looking at our students' work, only one of them was from the games industry. The rest were from other software, hardware or engineering companies, or from end-users such as councils or airports.

It's a shame, because some of the game projects are pretty impressive this year. Oh well: this is what happens when you work in an industry that has more applicants than it knows what to do with.

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