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12:12pm on Thursday, 26th March, 2015:

To Nottingham


I'm going to Nottingham this afternoon, for the formal opening of the National Video Game Arcade at GameCity. I'll be donating the MUSE Ltd sign I found in the attic, to go in their "A History of Games in 100 Objects" exhibition.

Several big names from the games industry will be there, which I'm hoping will mean that no-one wants a photograph with me in it. This cyst on my lower right eyelid now has the appearance of a small cherry, so I'm even less photogenic than normal. The party will probably go on until the small hours of tomorrow morning, but I'll have to leave after a couple of hours so I can get home in time to be able to get up tomorrow to meet a student.

Hmm, maybe I should take my camera? Or at least charge up my phone.

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