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5:19pm on Monday, 6th April, 2015:



I'm back home now, no thanks to the A1. I happily was counting how many caravans I had overtaken and got to 20 before I found myself stuck in traffic outside Wetherby and they started undertaking me back again as all three lanes crawled along in fits and starts.

The reason I was outside Wetherby, which isn't on my route home from my dad's, is because I went back a different way. My elder daughter was also visiting my dad to do some cycling, and wanted me to drop her the other side of the Wolds so she could bike to York without going up and down a series of hills. I myself wanted to go to the village of Great Ouseburn, where my mum comes from, so I could look at the state of the bench we had installed there 25 years ago in memory of her father (my grandad).

Hmm. I guess I'll be sending some money to Great Ouseburn Village Council to get it repaired.

Yes, that was his surname. Yes, that is pronounced how it looks it should be pronounced. No, I don't ever choose "What was your mother's maiden name?" as the identity-verification question web sites.

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