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4:51pm on Sunday, 5th April, 2015:

Eden Camp


I'm in Yorkshire at the moment, visiting my dad. Today, we had a trip to Eden Camp, which is a World War 2 prisoner of war camp that has been converted into a history museum. It has about 30 huts there, which have been converted to units with themed exhibits in them. It's interesting and informative, but you'd rather see some pictures, right?

A lot of exhibits have mannequins in them.

This one, however, appears to have John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons.

This is a mangle. Both my grandmothers had one when I was a lad:

I once caught a finger in one. I wasn't in any pain, though: it was my brother's finger.

This is a V1 rocket, which was Hitler's last-ditch effort to win the war:

It's bigger than I thought it was. It probably didn't even need to have explosives in it to cause a lot of damage.

I've never heard anyone use the word FAP, but know it's modern slang for pocket billiards:

I suspect that it may only exist on the Internet, as a way to get a cheap laugh whenever the letters FAP are spotted.

I'm pretty sure that this word meant the same back in the 1940s as it does now, though:

Note to Americans: "fanny" in the UK refers to something rather ruder than it does in the USA...

The games available in the 1940s weren't packed with riveting gameplay:

No wonder people wanted to kill each other.

This woman is meant to be a rat catcher:

It doesn't look to me as if she's cut out for the job.

This is a mock-up of what the huts looked like back when they were being used for housing POWs:

I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't have pinned up their pin-ups where they couldn't see them from their bed, though...

This is a happy scout car!

Bisexual doors:

This map of Great Britain appears to have been drawn from memory:

However, it's a paradigm of accuracy compared to this:

That's Australia...

If you tried to escape from a POW camp, you had to worry about the dogs:

Hmm, perhaps you should worry about them even if you weren't trying to escape.

The flight simulators of yesteryear were more exciting than today's:

It had machinery underneath it to move you around mechanically in response to the controls.

They maybe ought to remove this sign until they actually have some vegetables:

Maybe the black marketeers got there first,

Finally, this sign was in the gents':

Why use the word "us" when you can use the word "ourselves"?

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