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6:11pm on Friday, 26th September, 2014:

Road Closed


I noticed this sign a couple of days ago at the end of our road:

Great! We may be trapped in our house all day, but they're finally going to fix the potholes!

Hmm. Well I knew there was something amiss when I saw that there were cars parked happily on said road and the bin men were proceeding at a leisurely pace. I went out at around 3pm to see if perhaps I'd misread the sign (that's when I took the photo), but I hadn't. However...

See that patch in the background there? This one:

That's what they did. They patched a section outside the pub, then they went. Oh, except they left their sign behind.

It's staggering that they would send a crew to a road as full of potholes as ours and only fix one small section. In face, they over-fixed it: rather than fill in individual holes, they resurfaced around 3 metres square.

Oh well, in theory I can find out who made the decision and who is the council member who oversees the decision-maker, then not vote for the council member next election time. That'll teach them.

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