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2:42pm on Thursday, 25th September, 2014:



I've been mulling over a game mechanic on and off for the past couple of weeks, and yesterday I decided to make a prototype. I needed a bunch of tokens of different colours, so went to my trusty stock of wooden counters. Here they are:

I've had them for years, and the set is complete despite exposure to generations of students.

There are ten counters each in eleven colours (there are only nine shown because the other two are in the tin). They're very handy, but I have two complaints about them. The first is to do with the colours: the blue 3 and the green 4 have some counters that are lighter or darker than the others, and it can be easy to mix them up with the other blue and green counters; that's wht they're in the ten. The second complain I have is that they're numbered (0 to 10) by colour, whereas I'd have preferred them to be numbered within colours (so all the colours would have one of each of all the numbers). They're a nice, handy size — 10mm by 10mm by 8mm — and I use them a lot.

Unfortunately, having tested my mechanic, it looks as if this time round I'll need fewer colours and more of each.

Yes, this is all a laboured explanation to myself justifying why I'm about to walk to the local shop and buy a family bag of Smarties.

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