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7:51pm on Monday, 14th April, 2014:

The Taste of Bear


I've just been taken out for dinner to a medieval-themed restaurant in Tallinn. The wait staff are dressed in medieval clothes and the menu only has food on it that was available locally in medieval times. As a Hanseatic town, Reval could import quite a lot of things — wine, for example — but no rice and no potatoes.

Bear. They had bear. On the menu, there it was: bear.

Bear. I ordered the bear. How could I not order the bear? It's bear!

It was on the menu in more than one place, too. Rather than go for the €55 bear steak, I went for the bear/boar/elk combo sausages. Hey, it might have turned out I didn't like bear, I've never eaten it before. As it happened, I did like it, it was really good. The whole cuisine was really good. If anyone questions whether orange in jellied cow tongue goes with horseradish sauce, tell them it does — it's amazing.

If the rest of this trip is a disaster, it doesnt matter. Today, I ate bear.


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