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3:16pm on Monday, 14th April, 2014:

In Tallinn


I'm now in Tallinn, Estonia, or Reval as it used to be known (and is how I know it from playing The Patrician III). The weather forecasts all lied and there's a thick, dark cloud heading this way, but having a healthy disrespect for weather forecasts I took my umbrella with me anyway so should remain dry (if not warm — it's 7 Celsius out there). I'd show you a picture but when I installed Windows 8.1 it helpfully removed three drivers that I need to access my phone's pictures, so it'll have to wait,

Having an umbrella and an insulating layer of fat, I would ordinarily have gone outside for a wander. However, I'm supposed to be having dinner with the organisers of the talk I'm giving tomorrow, so I have to stay in the hotel in case they contact me. This is frustrating as I'm tantalisingly close to the UNESCO Heritage rated old town. Maybe I'll have a chance to have a look round tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning. Fortunately, Estonia uses the Latin alphabet rather than Cyrillic, so I can at least read street signs.

I'd asked my wife and younger daughter not to watch Game of Thrones until I get back on Wednesday evening, but annoyingly someone on Google+ couldn't help but post a spoiler. Even if I were watching it tonight it would have been ruined for me. Rather than have my wife and daughter catch similar spoilers before I get back in two days' time (as the events of this episode will appear in newspapers and so on), I've said they should watch it tonight.

Hmm. I guess I should makbe check whether it's on the hotel TV or not, although I rather suspect the not.

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