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11:02am on Wednesday, 12th February, 2014:

Free to Play


I'm sitting at Casual Connect in a session called the Evil Game Design Challenge.

(Hmm, I was distracted there, someone just mentioned my name).

The talks were all about how to make an evil version of Minecraft. Actually, they were just about how to monetise Minecraft. My reaction to all of them was call that evil?

Here's how to make any F2P game evil.

Make it genuinely free. Have no microtransactions. People can play as much as they like. It really is free to play.

However, when you signed up and you clicked through that terms of service at the beginning, you didn't spot that you were going to be charged $100 if you don't log in for a period of 7 months 13 days and 9 hours.

Oh, did you ever pay for something in one of our other games? Or even buy one of or non-F2P games? Yes, we do have your credit card number.

That's sufficiently evil to be probably illegal.

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