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12:13pm on Tuesday, 11th February, 2014:



I'm off to Amsterdam today to give a talk at Casual Connect tomorrow. There may be minor disruption to QBlog while I'm gone (and definitely will be if my laptop insists on not turning itself off when I tell it to turn itself off, resulting in a dead battery).

Because I'm away tomorrow, I had to reschedule to Thursday the supervisory meetings for the final-year students I'd normally have met on Wednesday. I have three students to meet today, but all in the morning (I have an evening flight).

Hmm. I had three students to meet, but they all pulled out for various reasons. They all had prime slots for supervisory meetings. If they'd told me more in advance they weren't going to be around, I could have rescheduled my Wednesday meetings to today rather than no-lunch-for-me-now Thursday.

It's weird that when I need to reschedule a meeting, the students want to have a meeting later in the week instead. When students need to reschedule a meeting, they just want to skip it.

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