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6:12pm on Monday, 23rd September, 2013:



I usually play MMOs as a healer, because that way people like me and if I don't like them I can passive-aggressively kill them. This means I spend most of my time watching tanks being pounded.

I've seen hundreds of tanks in my time, and as a result have noticed some similarities in behaviour among them, standard across MMOs. Here are some of my observations, for the benefit of those who may be thinking of becoming a healer or those who already are and wish to vent their fury on tanks by stereotyping them. These are just off the top of my head: feel free to suggest more...

Not all tanks are vainglorious psychopaths, though. Here are some of the more positive types you see:

Fortunately all tanks think they're one of the last three listed above, so no-one is going to take any of this personally. Probably just as well, they're good at taunting.

Hmm, I really should think about categorising these; there's probably a PhD in it.

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