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7:47pm on Sunday, 23rd June, 2013:

Out and About


Our first full day in Prague began gloriously. Here's the view of the Old Town Square from the bedroom of our second room (there are four of us: parents in one room, children in the other):

It was so nice that I decided to forego a coat and refrin from lugging my umbrella around. I therefore got wet when the rain came.

We went to visit the castle complex, which is quite large; we'll be going again tomorrow to look at the cathedral, which is part of it. The views from there are among the best in Prague:

Obviously they're not the best in Prague; as my elder daughter said, those are from the top of this tower:

The reason for this is that from the top of this tower, you can't see the tower itself. It's hideous.

Prague is clean and well-presented, and so far we've only encountered two or three of groups of drunk Englishmen on stag parties. There are no groups of people from North Africa selling sunglasses and stuff on blankets which they scoop up when the police approach (unlike in Florence and, as I saw a few days ago, Madrid). However, there are quite a lot of professional beggars, most of whom adopt this position:

(Dog is optional). This can't be good for blind people trying to negotiate the streets. They must get clobbered by white sticks quite often.

Ooh! Ice cream calls! At 8:45pm, I am in no position to resist...

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