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6:53am on Sunday, 23rd June, 2013:

Red Morning


After a not-as-punctuated-by-bells night as I was expecting, I got up half an hour ago, performed by ablutions, grabbed a couple of tissues in case I got a nosebleed, then prompt got a nosebleed.

My dad stopped taking statins because he blamed them for making him get nosebleeds. I'll have to investigate. If statins are indeed thinning my blood, I'm essentially being given the option of having either a heart attack (stop taking the statins, cholestrol builds up, blood thickens, heart chokes) or a stroke (continue taking them, cholestrol drops, blood thins, blood vessel in braaain leaks). I'd prefer the heart attack over the stroke, because if you come out of it then you still have a fully-functioning mind, whereas with a stroke your mind has to operate on faulty hardware.

The nosebleed has now stopped, anyway, and I even managed to get the blood off my shirt.

What a jolly start to what promises to be a beautiful, sunny day.

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