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3:24pm on Monday, 21st October, 2013:

Travel Plans


Ihave to go to Falmouth in Cornwall next month, so am being given travel options. Falmouth is further away from Colchester than Paris, and given the cost of train tickets these days I'll probably end up flying to Newquay Airport.

If it were the summer, I could fly there from Norwich or Southend, or any of a host of other regional airports. As it's not the summer, I can fly there from wither Manchester, Gatwick or the Scilly Isles.

I've opted for Gatwick. That's still going to involve 2 hours on a train, though, plus another hour at least waiting at the airport.

I wonder how people in other countries manage what would be a 6-hour drive by car? I'm guessing the answer is that they drive it.

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