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11:15am on Sunday, 20th October, 2013:

Has This Been Invented?


There's a keyboard on a Blackberry mobile phone. The keys actually stick up so people with high dexterity or tiny fingers can type on it. There's a keyboard on touchscreen smartphones, but these are hard to type on. OK, so people use those swooshy speedy swipy apps to type on them fast, but some people nevertheless prefer actual keyboards.

So has anyone made a little flip-over keypad that has a membrane and keys and when you press a key it touches the screen? You'd keep the keypad attached to the phone using some kind of hinge and then when an application gave you a keyboard you'd just flip the physical keypad onto the screen and type using the closer-to-19th-century technology you like.

Has anyone made one of these? I'm guessing not, otherwise it would be bye bye Blackberry.

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