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2:43pm on Monday, 4th February, 2013:

Daily Brain Games


My brother-in-law gave me a day-per-page calendar block for Christmas. It's called Daily Brain Games, and each day features a little mental exercise. Most are easy, although some are hard (even though they claim to be easy). "What were you wearing last Wednesday?" might be an easy answer for some people, but it would take me some effort to remember what I'm wearing right now, let alone several days ago. I just don't pay attention to that kind of thing.

I keep the calendar at the university, so when I go in on Monday mornings I do the exercise that have stacked up since the last time I was in. That's how come today I came across this one:

Hmm. So the answer is: milk, because it's the only one that comes from an animal; coffee, because it's the only one you percolate and the only one that's made from beans; tea, because it's the only one you brew and the only one made from leaves; juice, because it's the only one you can drink unprocessed; soda, because it's the only one that's fizzy.

An earlier one had one of those letter grids and the instruction, "starting with the highlighted letter, find the eight-letter word". I found two.

This is why I don't like IQ tests...

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