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12:30pm on Sunday, 3rd February, 2013:



Some headlines from news articles in this week's Essex County Standard:

Buntings: We will show Constables

More rail users happy with trains

Brave beautician's salon to shut down

Delight as 3 villages taken off quarry list

Zombie Lab: Hordes of the undead take over the science academy

Hotel chain is still interested

Charity's new name

A jam factory worker suffers hot curd burn

Restaurant bid for empty shop

Help with the club

Our fans could have saved lives in Brazil

Finger is fine — the sink is not

Kill your speed — not our pets drive launched

Railway group to look back 20 years

You are not alone, Kerry

Police catch rogue drivers

Rain is St John cadet of the year

'Eco-friendly ban will make pollution worse'

Bid for cameras at town play area

Physio evening

Expansion plan

Squatters spotted in the former Swan

Club selling planks

'Prison does not work': So says Asa Pryke, who was jailed for illegal camp

50 back drive to save life

Thugs who shot cat strike for second time

Student fined for window fall

Blaze in loft sparks fire service warning

Ale lovers draw the line a 3.3 miles of cardboard

Bring memories to centenary session

Natasha is going on an internal journey

Another/other/other kind of performance art

It's all tease, no sleaze

Eroding church wins the lottery

Engineers open doors to MP

Red for Heart: That's Frederick's home

Fortunes are mixed

Amelia triumphs in the wet

All in all, well worth 80p. No revamps, either (although several drives).

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