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7:56am on Thursday, 19th April, 2012:

UK Travel


Reedbed, geological formation, coastal cliff, fishing village, beach, canal, village green, formal park, woodland, lake, river, moorland, mountain.

No, not a list of MUD room descriptions, but the titles on the empty pages in my new passport.

I'd guess they're some kind of security feature, but a quick search reveals that plenty of other people have the same ones in the same order, so perhaps not. It seems an odd list, though. They have mountains but no hills, woodlands but no forests, rivers but no streams, canals but no bridges, coastal cliffs but not cliffs in general. There are no caves, no wetlands, no village ponds, no causeways, no valleys, no farmland.

It's as if these people have never drawn up an imaginary map in their lives...

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