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9:12am on Friday, 18th May, 2012:

Old School


When I arrived in the conference building yesterday, one of the staff who saw me wandering around approached me and asked, "Are you in Saint Trinians?".

OK, so I wasn't expecting surreal questions at 9am. I paused, then pointed at her confidently and said, "No!"

She directed me to a dot matrix display that listed all the events going on in the hall. It cycled round to the Virtual World Research Network: the room it was scheduled to take place in was called St Trinneans'.

It turns out that between the wars, this whole site was an all-girls school called St Trinnean's. The school was evacuated to Selkirkshire at the start of World War 2, but not before the niece of Ronald Searle attended it. He named his fictional school St Trinian's as a result.

So, the next time someone asks me if I'm in Saint Trinians, I'll just tell them I used to be but I'm not now.

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