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6:13pm on Thursday, 14th June, 2012:

Art Collection #4


Continuing the occasional series...

Here's another picture from our art collection:

It's artwork for the second edition of the game Dark Conspiracy, which I bought in 1996 at GenCon. As with the other pictures we have in the house, I bought it simply because I liked it, not because I was a fan of the game or anything (I've never played it nor read the rules).

This one hangs in our bedroom next to the wardrobe. You can probably make out from the signature that it's by Larry Elmore, one of the foremost American artists working in the Fantasy genre. This picture therefore ought to be worth quite a bit of money. Needless to say, it's not. The reason it's not is that Elmore did the line drawing, which was then photocopied onto a transparent cel. Another artist then took the cel, projected light through it onto a piece of paper above, then coloured in the image on the paper. The cel was then removed and placed on top of the paper to give the finished image. It looks very slick and glossy this way, which I guess is why they do it; I have another picture that uses the same technique which I'll show you another time.

Anyway, I bought this from the artist who did the colouring. It cost me $10. I guess that, 16 years later, if I were to put it on eBay I could sell it for, ooh, perhaps as much as $10.

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