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8:37am on Monday, 13th February, 2012:

Trusty Button Box


My wife needed a button yesterday (as in something you put on clothes, not something you press). She found an appropriate one in her trusty button box. She inherited her trusty button box from her paternal grandmother, who died in 1972. Having little interest in buttons, because then I might be required to sew them on or something, I'd somehow managed 27 years of marriage without ever having seen her trusty button box, but yesterday she didn't put it away after use (having been persuaded to take part in some kind of Wii dance game by my younger daughter), so I did see it. It's made of sturdy cardboard and has this label on the lid:

According to a web site I found for Ilford devotees, this label's particular version of the paddle-steamer logo ran from 1930 to 1945. It also says HP3 plates came out in 1942, and a photo seems to suggest that this is one of the early packages.

So, it probably dates from 1942 then. My wife's trusty button box is 70 years old.

I wonder how old the buttons in it are?

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