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11:30am on Sunday, 12th February, 2012:

Rugged Looks


Back in 2008, when my elder daughter was 18, we went on a Mediterranean cruise. One of the stops was Turkey, where we bought a rug. Well, officially it's a carpet, but it looks like a rug to me:

I'm sure that for certain definitions of the word "silk", it's silk. I'm also confident that if the word in Turkish for "hand" is the same as the word for "machine", it's hand-made.

The way these carpets are rated is by stitches-per-inch. The more stitches-per-inch, the better it is. Somewhere in our house is a certificate we got with the carpet telling us how many stitches-per-inch it has, which I haven't found after 45 minutes of searching; however, I'm fairly sure it says that the stitches-per-inch count is 600 (which is pretty high). The certificate isn't lying about the stitches-per-inch either, it really does have that many. However, take a look at it close up:

Each one of those blocks isn't a stitch, it's about 25 stitches. There are 12 of them to half an inch, so that works out at 600 stitches-per-inch. It looks as if they need to work on their anti-aliasing software, there...

Yes, it has taken me four years to get around to blogging this.

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