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12:19pm on Sunday, 11th November, 2012:



I'm researching chapter 6 of book 2 of my Lizzie Lott series (current title: Lizzie Lott's Discovery, which is great except I can't put a picture of a discovery on the cover like I could a sovereign). I say this to provide a perfectly rational explanation as to why I might have pointed my browser at this Victorian Make-Up Look site. My eye was caught by their example of Victorian Make-Up, which to save you the bother of clicking on their link is this:

Pretty good, yes? That's a startlingly good-looking Victorian they have there.

In fact, she's startlingly good-looking in a once-seen-never-forgotten way that I recognised her. I spent two hours dredging up the name from my memory: she's Maude (or Maud) Fealy (or Feely), an American actress who appeared on the stage and starred in a bunch of silent films. Here's the photo of her that I remembered:

Flipping the VMU one and putting them side by side:

Strictly speaking, she was Edwardian rather than Victorian. Also, she wasn't wearing that make-up shown in the colour picture. That said, whoever did the conversion from the photo to the kind of print you got on Victorian Christmas cards did a damned good job of it. Maybe there's a Photoshop plug-in that does it or something.

Yes, I have a terrible cold and am not really feeling myself today...

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