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1:13pm on Saturday, 10th November, 2012:

Contents of a Man's Dresser


The postman woke us up this morning delivering a package of stuff I'd bought off eBay. The lot was described as "Contents of a Man's Dresser". I bought it because I wanted the playing cards, which are Rameses Fortune-Telling cards. I already have some of these that my dad gave me, which are actually in much better condition than the ones that arrived today (which are a little grubby and have a box that's falling to pieces).

Here's what else was in the package:

So, there's a Marks & Spencer pen and propelling pencil set, which is pretty good except that the ink in the pen has dried up.

There are a pair of cufflinks made out of bronze or something and a matchbox holder issued by the British War Relief Society (the matchbox inside is for La Petite Safety Matches).

My dad's dad used to collect matchbox labels and would probably have liked this.

There's a horse brass of a greyhound. My wife cleaned this up this morning but we have no use for it so I'll give it to my mother, who has some round her fireplace.

There's a bottle-opener advertising Bell's Whisky. I've binned that.

There's some kind of tie pin with a broken Saracen-like sword on it. I don't know what organisation it's for. It has a red stone missing from the bar on the hilt, so I doubt it's worth anything.

There's a miniature bottle of Guinness. I was on the point of opening this with the bottle-opener to see if the liquid inside really was Guinness when my wife stopped me because there's someone she knows at work who collects miniature bottles.

There's a penknife with two blades rusted together. I binned that, too.

There's a brass clothes brush from Minehead. The bristles on it are grey in a way that suggests it's been used a lot. I was going to bin that but my wife suggested I tried it on the accumulated crud between the keys on my PC's keyboard. It works a treat! I'm keeping it.

Finally, there's a lead goalkeeper from some football game of yore. I'm guessing it was blow football. I don't know what to do with this chap; he's game-related so I could use him as a decoration in my office at the university, perhaps.

So, I buy some cards that I already have but that were manufactured by a company that was taken over in 1922 and end up with a haul of tat and a cleaner keyboard.

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