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7:18pm on Friday, 30th December, 2011:

Full of Good News


I got the Essex Country Standard today to find out what's been going on in Colchester over the Christmas break. It's a very lean issue: I don't think there could have been many people working on it. In fact, I'm pretty sure there were, because this is the opening paragraph of the lead, first-page story:

It would appear that no-0ne at the paper other that the person who wrote it read it.

Here's another story no-one but the writer read:

The car dealership is Lookers, not Loookers...

That's what passes for news in Colchester. Here's another must-read vehicle-related piece:

Isuppose that could be of genuine interest to owners of Fiat camper vans who have been offered a second-hand catalytic converter recently.

Some of the news stories aren't just minor, they're also bizarre. Here's one:

You can buy food with after-shave? That would explain why he didn't just steal the food.

Here's another oddity:

Yes, I can see why the accused might deny hitting someone with a shampoo bottle and a shoe between January 2010 and April 2011.

Some headlines tell their own story, so you don't need to read what they're about:

Of course, the ECS wouldn't be the ECS without at least one of these:

So, on the basis that no news is good news, I can confidently say that Colchester has been full of good news over Christmas.

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