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11:01am on Thursday, 29th December, 2011:

Weight Removed


Yay! I finally finished marking CE317 assignment 1! Everything else work-related has been on hold while I went through 43 Lua programs that took me 1½ to 2 hours each to mark. This morning was spent checking borderline cases, that resulted in about a quarter of the students getting upgraded a little and half a dozen or so getting downgraded. The top score, 95%, was for someone who either had programmed Lua before, did nothing else but read Lua manuals for a month, or paid someone on the Internet to write it. The mean mark was 64.9%, which, given that the A-level system has taught students to regard anything under 80% as a fail, means I'll have a bunch of grumpy people in front of me for the first lecture of next term.

Right! Now I can start on all those other things I was supposed to have finished before Christmas!

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