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7:12pm on Wednesday, 26th January, 2011:

Electronic Liquid-Soap Dispensers


What's with these new electronic liquid-soap dispensers they're advertising on TV?

The logic seems to go like this:

  1. Liquid soap! It's great! It kills germs!
  2. You use liquid soap when you have dirty, germ-covered hands.
  3. Did you understand that? Dirty, germ-covered hands!
  4. You will put your dirty, germ-covered hands on the liquid-soap dispenser to get liquid soap out of it.
  5. Oh no! This will transfer germs from your dirty, germ-covered hands to the liquid-soap dispenser!
  6. The next person who wants liquid soap will touch the dirty, germ-covered dispenser!
  7. That person will pick up your germs from the dispenser! Now they, too, will have dirty, germ-covered hands!
  8. If people didn't have to touch the dispenser, they wouldn't spread germs when they used it.
  9. Buy our new electronic liquid-soap dispenser that you don't have to touch to get liquid soap out of.

This works well, up until point 8. Point 8 is true, but it's not the only solution. Here's a better point 8:

  1. But hey, it's OK if people have germs on their hands because they're about to wash them using our germ-killing liquid soap.
  2. Panic over.

Maybe I'm missing something here...

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