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3:01pm on Tuesday, 25th January, 2011:

Increasingly Ridiculous


I realise I may have mentioned this before, perhaps every day last week, but there are problems parking at the university.

Today, I had to be in for a lab at noon. However, it was raining. Rain means two things: more people want to drive in than normal; the overflow car parks are closed for health and safety reasons. I therefore set off at about 9:45 and arrived at 10:10.

There were no spaces. None on tarmac, none on grass, none where the security guard telling me all this was standing. He said there were some at Wivenhoe House (which is some distance from the rest of the campus facilities), but there weren't. Eventually, I extracted permission from him to park in the visitor car park, so long as I paid £3 for my four-hour stay (in the regular car park, it would be 20p).

My students came into the lab in dribs and drabs because they'd had to spend 45 minutes each cruising around the car park looking for a spot, with more and more people joining them in the hunt. It's getting beyond a joke.

I have to meet a student tomorrow at 11:30. Gawd knows what time I'll have to set off to find a parking place. Worse, I know he'll be late because he always is anyway — except if I'm not there, then he'll be on time.

Three quid to park in the university car park! Three quid! Augh!

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