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11:08am on Thursday, 25th August, 2011:

Useful to Know


We got a new bin for our kitchen a couple of months ago. As I was taking the bin bag out of it today, I noticed that there had been a leak and there were some apple peels and a layer of slime at the bottom of it. Ordinarily, I would have pretended I hadn't noticed this so that I could "discover" it when my wife was around and she'd volunteer to clean it up (on the grounds that I wouldn't make a good job of it). However, I could see some like white mould growing on the slime, so figured I ought to clean it out before it reached a level of sentience.

I put in some washing-up liquid and followed it with a kettle of boiling water. I then added a bowl full of cold water. My intention was to leave this a while then tip it out and then repeat with disinfectant instead of washing-up liquid. However, it was at this point that I learned that the bin was not watertight. I had to open the back door, tip it upside-down outside, then mop up the soapy water that had flooded the floor. In so doing, I left a black mark on the (new) floor tiles that wouldn't yield to any chemical or abrasive except for my younger daughter's fingernails. It took her five minutes of patient scraping, but she managed to remove it.

So, the new kitchen bin isn't waterproof. That's useful to know.

Not as useful as if I'd known it earlier, obviously...

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