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3:40pm on Wednesday, 24th August, 2011:

Games Played


Last year, I bought a bunch of board games for my CE217 students to play in class.

This year, I have more students so need more games. Some of the games I got last year were rubbish, some were good but took too long to play and some were good but too complicated for people who have never played a board game before (yes, yes, I know...). I therefore decided to buy some more games instead.

The company I bought the games from last year, The Games Player Ltd., did a good job so I returned to their web site to peruse it so I could assemble another large order. Well, I tried to — it's gone. Even their Amazon storefront is gone. Further investigation seems to indicate that they've shut down.

Damn! When I was a student, I believed that computer games would tune more people in to games in general. Looks like things haven't quite worked out that way...

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