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6:19pm on Thursday, 24th November, 2011:

Talked Out


I gave my presentation today.

One of my maxims when giving a presentation is "always know more about your subject matter than the audience does". Unfortunately, I was not able to apply that this time round because I had a mixed audience of media specialists, most of whom weren't games people yet whose interests I had to address. I therefore had at times to speak confidently about things that actually they probably knew more about than I did. The result was a talk that was politely received, but that wasn't quite the rallying call I had originally hoped it might be. I'll upload it in its "where the blazes is he going with this?" entirety when I get back.

Having people disagreeing with me did mean that I got to have some interesting and informed conversations afterwards, which was good. I also managed to speak to some people I'd met at conferences before, which was also good. In one case, the two groups even intersected (ie. I met someone I'd met before but he wasn't persuaded by what I was driving at).

The conversations could have gone on much longer but I had an interview with an Austrian newspaper that went on for 2 hours. It could have gone on for longer but we had to stop because I then had an interview with an Austrian radio show. That went on for 45 minutes. I'm sure I said enough in both to hang myself many times over.

Oh well, all publicity is good publicity.

Now to finish off that piece of marking I was doing during one of the German-language presentations...

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