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4:56pm on Wednesday, 23rd November, 2011:

Always the Way


I'm sitting in 18D, an aisle seat on Austrian Airlines flight 462 to Vienna. When I got here, the two seats next to me were unoccupied, so I didn't do up my seat belt in case someone came along. Plenty of people came along, but no-one for seats 18E or 18F. The flight filled up, but still no-one arrived for the seats next to me. Could it be I'd have them free and be able to dump stuff on them?

Finally, the line of passengers thinned down to a trickle, then it stopped. I looked up and down: there were no other passengers standing. Yay! A full row to myself!

I did up my seatbelt.

The instant the belt clicked, another passenger materialised at the door. It was as if I'd cast some magic spell — it was exactly the moment I snapped the clasps together. The new passenger was laden with bags and items of apparel, so progressed slowly down the aisle until he stopped at row 18. Because of his many bags and the fact that he was the last passenger on the flight, he had a hard time finding overhead space for his stuff. However, when he'd managed to deposit it all, he threw his newspaper into a seat: 18F.

I undid my belt, got up, and let him in.

Always the way...

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