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1:39pm on Saturday, 23rd April, 2011:

Hornsea Freeport


We went to Hornsea Freeport this morning. This is a place where you can get things at low prices that used to be at high prices in shops that aren't out in the sticks. Here's an example:

As you can see, when two Swiss brothers move to California and make tennis shoes in China for sale in England, the mark-up can be quite large...

The goods on sale have sometimes been around for quite a while, patiently awaiting the time when they will next be in fashion. This sometimes has an effect on them:

Those did used to be brown...

Also, some of the items on sale are not quite perfect in their packaging. The insides are fine, but the outsides, well, take a look:

Shopping at Hornsea Freeport is therefore a bit of a bargain-hunting expedition. Every time we come up to Hornsea we go there and usually buy a bunch of things. A lot of the shops are empty now, though, in part because of the recession and in part because Hornsea is miles from anywhere — the very fact that made it suitable for being Britain's first freeport when it opened.

I'll be sad if it closes. I can't find find tea from Taylor's of Harrogate in Colchester, but here, well, there it was.

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