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4:33pm on Friday, 22nd April, 2011:

27 Caravans


Well, the drive up north went really well — it only took four hours. I even listened to the inane babblings that pass for programmes on Radio 2 in order to hear the traffic news, but there was none.

Once, driving up north, I counted how many vehicles I overtook on the way: 202. This time, I counted how many caravans I overtook: 27. I didn't count camper vans, which is just as well given that at one point we drove past a camper van shop, but there were the same kinds of numbers of those, too. Pleasantly, a caravan going in the other direction had come off the road at one point on the A1 and looked like it was going to be delayed for some time; a fitting punishment, given how long caravans hold us up even on dual carriageways where they often seem to appear in convoys two long.

Anyway, my dad has given me 7 packs of cards, so it's already been worth the drive up!

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