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7:51am on Wednesday, 16th February, 2011:



I knew this day would come.

As some of you may be aware, I spend half my time being a university professor and half my time being a games industry consultant. I get paid roughly the same for 3 days of consulting as I do for 2 months of university work, but it's sporadic and unreliable. At the moment, it's a pretty good time — I have four occasional projects on the boil, which I can deal with from home over the Internet. Last year around this time was pretty well dead, though.

The thing is, in my capacity as a consultant I sometimes have to go visit places to meet companies on site. The people who hire me usually don't want word getting around that they've brought in a consultant, so I can't say anything to give the game away. This makes blogging during that period awkward. In the past, I've managed to get away with it by blogging as normal — I merely haven't mentioned that I'm not at home.

However, last week I got a call to do some consultancy work at very short notice. As a result, from today I'm away for a few days being a consultant and I don't expect to be able to update QBlog during that period. I'll still write entries, but they probably won't be uploaded until I get back.

Good luck guessing where I'm going, but my lips are sealed...

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