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6:44pm on Monday, 11th April, 2011:

Not as Painful as Expected


I went to my mother-in-law's funeral today. It went very well, I thought, or as well as funerals ever can go.

I'd bought some new shoes for the day, as my normal pair were looking a bit worn out and they need re-heeling. When I gave the new ones a dry run earlier in the week, though, they cut into my Achilles tendon. I therefore tried padding the heel with kitchen roll to raise my foot up so the wider part of my heel pushed at the shoe rather than letting it cut at the tendon. This is a trick I've used before on new shoes, and it actually worked. I was this able to spend the whole day in my new shoes without injuring myself.

The funeral service was at West Suffolk Crematorium (which is not where Google maps says it is). Inside, we were walking to our seats and everyone in the family took ones to the left at the front. The funeral director, noticing this, directed those of us towards the end of the line to go to the right. In practice, this meant me and my mother were on the right (facing the front) and my wife and younger daughter were on the left with everyone else. Now when it comes to funerals, I'll get upset for two reasons: if I'm upset myself, or if my wife or immediate family are upset. I knew I wasn't going to be upset myself, because although I liked my mother-in-law, I wasn't close enough to her for that to happen. However, I knew my wife and daughter would be upset. Standing on the right, though, I didn't see them being upset, so I got away without being upset myself.

Overall, then, the day was not as painful as expected.

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