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4:13pm on Monday, 7th February, 2011:

An Autobiography of my Grandad's Walking Stick


My mother gave me something today that I wrote when I was aged 10: An Autobiography of my Grandad's Walking Stick. Here are the opening three lines:

That's in my best, best handwriting. It would have taken me ages to write, and it's about 50 lines long altogether.

Never mind the juvenalia, though: what about the writing? You probably can actually read that, despite the fact that it's not all that neat. My writing nowadays is not all that readable. So what's the difference?

Well, as I said, the above is in my best, best handwriting. It would have take me ages to write. What if I were to take a similar amount of time to write it now and make as good a job of it as I possibly can?

OK, I've just spent a good two minutes rewriting the above, and here is the result:

Some change, some non-change. The way I do my k and f is different, and I don't end my words with a little extra line as if I were connecting them to the next word (too, how, him). My t doesn't really connect to the next letter now except through the cross. I occasionally do my s differently, and the stalks on my ms are not as pronounced. I found myself speeding up on the third line, which I think affected the look; on the whole, though, you could probably tell that both sets of writing are by the same hand, with the second one more mature than the first one.

Still not going to win me any awards for penmanship, though...

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