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8:50pm on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2005:



I have unreadable handwriting.

I was criticised for it all the time at school. Indeed, I had to write in pencil until I was in my last year (aged 10/11) of primary schooling because my writing wasn't deemed neat enough to be allowed to use a pen — this being 3 years after some of them were allowed to switch. I was the last child out of the 125 or so of us in my year group to get to write in a pen. Even then, the only reason they let me change was because they didn't have any writing pencils in that class.

Consequently, I don't give a toss when people criticise my handwriting; it's water off a duck's back. Nevertheless, I do understand that sometimes people other than me may need to read it, so for their benefit I write in capitals. They still complain. Apparently, writing in all upper case is a common hacker trait (don't you just hate it when you find you're a stereotype?). One of these days I'll just create a font based on it, which I'll call HACKER.

Just because you're dying for the evidence, here are a couple of samples:

Like I care.

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