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10:51am on Wednesday, 9th June, 2010:

Quick Transfer


Stockholm's Arlanda airport is pleasant enough. It has quirky sculptures,

long, colourful passageways

and shops selling Bjorn Borg's female undergarments

(so that was the secret of his success?).

Those long, colourful corridors are, however, long. It's a good 15-minute walk from terminal 3 (where the Visby planes come and go) and terminal 5 (where the Heathrow planes come and go). My flight from Visby was delayed taking off, with the result that I landed with 15 minutes before the gate closed.

Amazingly, there was a car waiting for me when I got off the plane. A guy drove me to terminal 5 in 5 minutes, and I got to the gate in ample time for my flight (even more ample than intended, because it was running 5 minutes behind schedule). I was very impressed: that's never happened to me before at an airport. Yay for Arlanda!

OK, so I'm sitting in seat 32F of an MD 81 jet with my right ear 18 inches away from a screaming jet engine, but at least I stand a fighting chance of getting home on time.

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