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7:49am on Wednesday, 9th June, 2010:

A Wedding


I married someone last night.

I didn't get married to her, I should perhaps mention: I married her to science. The reason I'm in Visby is because I was the external examiner of (now Dr) Mirjam Eladhari. There are some procedures that Swedes go through with their PhDs that we don't have in the UK. One is nailing their thesis to the wall, which sounds more dramatic than it is — they hammer a nail into the wall then hang the thesis off it using string. Another is getting married to science, which involves accepting a ring. I was the person who handed over the ring with the Latin words accepte annulus (or something like that — not speaking Latin, it could have been anything...).

So that's how come I married someone last night. Here's the evidence:

Hmm, you might need some finger-lengthening surgery if you're planning on wearing that all the time, Mirjam...

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