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5:52pm on Tuesday, 7th December, 2010:

Overhead Power Lines at Bethnal Green


I had a meeting in Uxbridge today at Brunel University, where I am the external examiner on their MA in Digital Games. Normally, when I go into London with my wife (she commutes) I can be at Brunel by 9:30. This is in good time for meetings, that are usually at 10:30 or 11:00.

Today's meeting was at 10:00. This was too good an opportunity for Fate to miss, so overhead power lines came down at Bethnal Green. I didn't get into Liverpool Street until 9:00 instead of 8:20, and consequently arrived late for my external examiner meeting.

The meeting only lasted half an hour, too, primarily because it's an excellent course, well administered, with almost universally good students. That meant I could chat with the lecturers there for a couple of hours or so (before and during lunch), before heading back to Colchester. That's two hours of games research talk more than I've had in the entire past year at Essex.

Oh well, at least I can talk to our games students. Some of them actually play MMOs, too, although given that they were 12 when World of Warcraft first came out they tend to regard it as an antique...

And no, before you ask, my WoW Cataclysm discs haven't arrived from the USA yet, but they do appear to have made it as far as East Midlands Airport if the tracking details are correct.

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