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10:29am on Sunday, 7th November, 2010:



I bought another antique set of playing cards last week, from the 1870s (round edges, small corner index numbers). This was waiting in my email from eBay when I returned:

OK, so I'm a little bemused at how they figure these are perfect additions to my last purchase. The "Victorian scraps trees" are, like the cards, Victorian, so I guess that's how they got into the mix. But a slice of rock? I've never bought anything on eBay (or anywhere else) remotely slice-of-rock-like. The great goblin thing is by the Tudor Mint; now although I do have a ton of lead figures for playing Dungeons and Dragons with, and have read The Hobbit, nothing I have ever done on eBay has anything to do with either of them. It's certainly difficult to see how the great goblin connects to a set of Victorian playing cards. As for the stainless steel pipe screens, I have no idea what they are even though I clicked on the link to look. What's a pipe screen? Why would anyone want 20 packs of them? And what the blazes do they have to do with antique playing cards, such that buying the latter would naturally lead to a desire for the former?

Beats me...

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