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9:43am on Sunday, 7th November, 2010:

Bad Cold


I've been stricken by a very bad cold — impressive even by my own high standards. I went through over 20 paper tissues in the night, which is a time when normally I get some relief from colds that lay me low during the day.

One of the annoying things that happens when I wake up and try get back to sleep again when having such a restless night is that I find myself thinking in detail about something that I don't really have a need to think about. Last night, for example, I kept coming back to thinking about tactics in the particular game of Master of Orion that I had been playing on my extended journey home — even though I abandoned it when the Klackons attacked, and I have no intention of reloading the save file. Sometimes I'll be thinking about programming, sometimes about story plotting, sometimes about game design, sometimes about a planned journey — but none if it is anything I'd want to think of consciously. I wonder if maybe I'm not thinking about it consciously but am instead consciously aware of what I might be thinking unconsciously, but the trouble is that when I notice what's going on it perks me up just enough to stop me from going to sleep (which is what I actually want to do).

Gaah ... well I know what I mean, anyway.

This is a bad, bad cold. They should call it Virusany, not Germany...

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