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8:14am on Saturday, 6th November, 2010:



My mother collects small plates (3 inches or so in diameter or less). I don't know why, she just does. She has them all over her house. The means that every time I go abroad, I can buy her a small plate as a gift to add to her collection and she'll be happy.

Not in Offenbach. I couldn't find any gift shops in the city centre. Well, I could, but they were Russian, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and "African". There were a couple of craft stalls selling things like baskets and wooden bowls, but those aren't exactly easy to fit in a suitcase and they're not small plates.

I finally found a gift shop at the airport, and luckily for me it sells small plates. There are plenty for Frankfurt, one or two for other nearby cities, but none for Offenbach. This is probably because Offenbach isn't very photogenic; either it was heavily bombed during the war or it wasn't bombed heavily enough. Whatever, it's not the stuff of which saleable small plates are made.

Fortunately, there was a generic plate with Germany on it, so I got that.

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