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8:41pm on Friday, 5th November, 2010:

Risky Behaviour


Well, I ended up eating in the same place tonight as I did last night. Hopefully, tonight's meal won't have the same effect as the last one...

I did have a look around Offenbach to see if I could find a different restaurant, but either there aren't any or I looked in the wrong place. There are plenty of fast food places, including some really good-looking open-air grills, but I wanted to sit down rather than eat on the hoof. I found two Italian restaurants, both of which had only two tables, both of which in both cases were occupied. There's a pizza joint next to the hotel, but it's one where you fill in a form saying what you want on your pizza, which is no good if you don't speak the local lingo.

So, I wound up eating at the hotel again. After the only Caesar's salad I've ever had that didn't have a Caesar's dressing on it, I went for a Vienna schnitzel that was really very good. I hope it doesn't attack me overnight, otherwise I may mentally associate it with my misofrtune and never want to eat it ever again (a fate that has previously befallen coffee-flavoured yoghurts and, for over 20 years, lentils — I beat that one in the end though).

Time will tell...

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