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6:47pm on Friday, 2nd April, 2010:



My ongoing attempt to bring my new PC up to usable standards is progressing well. It only took 3 hours or so to get Outlook to work (oh, the fun of clicking through every name in my address book because it refused to import them en masse). Some programs work just fine with a straight copy of their directory (Firefox, World of Warcraft, Google Earth, Second Life); some almost work but need some vital registry change they can't do because they don't think they have administrator privileges (Audacity, Lua); most need a complete install; one or two need several installs and then to be beaten with a stick until they submit (Outlook, iTunes).

Unfortunately, one of the programs that almost works is QBlog. It needs a DLL to be present that won't be present until I install Visual C++, which I haven't got round to doing just yet. Because of this, I'm still using my old PC instead of one with an Intel Core i7 Processor i7-960 (3.20GHz) 4.8GTs/8MB Cache.

Maybe I'll install Visual C++ once iTunes finally bends to my will...

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