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10:19am on Monday, 28th December, 2009:

New TV


We got a new TV yesterday.

There was nothing actually wrong with our old TV, except for its not being able to display HDTV images that we can't receive anyway. It did weigh more than a small car and occupy a corner of the room where I want to put a bookcase, but that wasn't a factor. No, its doom was down to one thing: bigger TVs are available, in sales, and there's a VAT increase at the end of the week.

We finally came down to a choice between a 50-inch plasma screen or a 42-inch LCD, both of which cost exactly the same amount of money. Personally, I thought the 50-inch was rather too big, but my wife and younger daughter were up for it. Besides, we might want a flat surface to play table tennis on some time. We therefore plumped for the plasma screen, but were then told we'd have to take it home vertically as they don't like being laid on their sides. This shouldn't have been important — we were expecting whatever TV we bought to be delivered a few days later — however it did give my wife pause for thought. She asked our younger daughter which one she wanted, only to discover that she was having second thoughts too. It's all very well having a 50-inch TV, but if it means you have to move your head while you watch it... Plus, if you can't lie it flat, how can you play table tennis on it?

We therefore switched to the 42-inch LCD, which is this one. I was glad about this, as it has a serviceable USB port on it you can use to show photos, plus an SVGA port that allows it to be used as a computer monitor (it works, too: I hooked my laptop up to it this morning).

Hmm, I wonder if I should replace the 17-inch monitor I have attached to my PC with something bigger? I could play games and get a tan at the same time.

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